Senin, 17 Oktober 2016

For Whose Existence Is My Priceless Blessing

Finally I just wanna say thankyou for 6 years, Riz! hehe :)

-- Repost from Nava Amalee , a bluebell in the winter, and a bluebird in the summer--

16 October 2016

At first,
When I walked away from home,
I thought it will be good to have friends from all around the world
I thought it will be great to have a deep conversation and gossip with language I’ve just known for a couple
I thought it will be nice to have them by my side, share them my story, just like we have done this far

Once in that moment,
They said to me “what? You don’t know how to wear makeup? Ugh…”
And others said “so you wanna say, that you just have these clothes to wear?”
It was the time when I realized, that they only wanted to be friend with me if I’m beautiful

Once in that moment,
They said to me “get out from your shell, hang out with people!”
And others said “what are you even doing in your bed all days?”
It was the time when I realized, that they didn’t wanna be friend with me unless I follow their way of lives

Once in that moment,
They talked about me among themselves “Why do people love Rizky? What does she have?”
And one said “And how could he fall in love with her? She doesn’t even know how to be beautiful”
And another said “I heard she got the first rank at course. I swear I’m not gonna come to farewell party if
they invite that girl to the stage for speech”
It was the time when I realized, they can’t accept everything good that comes to my life

Once in that moment,
They asked me “Rizky, let’s have lunch together?”
And I said “This time? I need to pray first?”
And she said “Why you always think of praying and praying and praying?”
And they left me in pieces

Once in that moment,
A girl from the back raised her hand “Teacher, why should she come and study here?”
But a month later, everyone started being all over me like white on rice,
Asked me for notes
It was the first time I realized, people will just come to me when they need something

When I was with you,
You never complained about what I wear,
You never asked me to wear makeup cause I’m not beautiful

When I was with you,
You never asked me to get out from my shell,
You came along and brought many things to do, made my shell even look more beautiful

When I told you I found a man of my dream,
You never told me whether I deserve him or not
You screamed lot, much happier than me
That we finally realized, both of us started growing older

When I was with you,
You never complained why I pray too long,
And neither did I when waiting for you finish your religion lesson

At last,
For me,
Bumping into you is the beginning of an endless bond of friendship
Having you by my side, facing every circumstance with you, growing up with you is a priceless blessing God
has given me
As we both believe that writing is the best expression of heart,
I hope you’ll understand how grateful I am to be chosen as your best friend

I wish you a very happy birthday,
Let’s go through another coming up tough years, together.

From 10.000 km away,
The one who thanks God for your existence

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