Selasa, 24 Desember 2013

Christmas eve.

"Christmas isn't about new clothes, a lot more decoration, fairy lights or luxury goods
(the material stuff to be exact),  but reflecting the true meaning that Christ was born to us, the savior of my live." But there is an important thing, it's the warmth of a family. For sure! I miss the moment of Christmas Eve a few years ago. 
So what identic thing for chrismat moment? cekidot!

The bell is ringing! "Christmas is forever, not for just one day, for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away like bells and lights, the good you do for others is good you do for your self "-quotesL

"The best of all gifts around christmas tree is a presence of happy family all wrapped up
 in each other"- Burton Hillis

wohoo Santa Claus is coming to town! He just wanna say "Merry Christmas". 
Missed it! see you on 24th December 2014!
May God bless us guys!! Happy Christmas Eve !

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